IBSF World 6-Red & Team Snooker Championships 2013

IVY Rooms

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List: Team Players | 6Red Men Players | 6Red Women Players

Closing date for entries is 01 SEPTEMBER 2013.

Each country is allowed to send:
- 2 teams of 2 players in Men, Women and Masters. Maximum of 12 players.
- Each country is allowed to send 4 players of Men, Women and Masters for the 6 Reds a Maximum of 12 Players.

There will be a separate 6 Reds event for Women and each region is allowed to send the winner and runner-up of their continent 6 Reds championship.

The Championship will start on 29th September and end on 6th October 2013. Referees and players meeting will be on 29th September

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