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Vivek Pathak - Media Officer, IBSF

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Hossein hits the maximum

  • Published in World Under-21's

Hossein Vafaei Ayouri of Iran today hits the maximum 147 during his semi final match against Mateusz Baranowski of Poland here in IBSF World Under-21 Snooker at Al-Fujairah, UAE

Semi Finals underway for World Under-21 Snooker

  • Published in World Under-21's

All the semi final matches in Men and Women Under-21 are underway between following players.

Men Semi Final-1: Hossein Vafaei Ayouri (Iran) vs. Mateusz Baranowski (POL)
Men Semi Final-2: Zhao Xintong (CHN) vs. Josh Boileau (Ireland)
Women Semi Final-1: Siripaporn Nuanthakhamjan (Thailand) vs. Amornrat Uamduang (Thailand)
Women Semi Final-2: Daria Sirotina (RUS) vs. Jessica Woods (AUS)

Five European players finds place in top-8 of World Under-21

  • Published in World Under-21's

Five European Players have succeeded to win their respective matches to enter in quarter finals of World Under-21 Snooker Championship here at Al-Fujairah. These players are Lee Mein (Scotland), Mateusz Baranowski (Poland), Lukas Kleckers (Germany), Luke Garland (England), and Josh Boileau (Ireland).

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